Tuesday, January 22, 2008



A fellow cacher just shared this picture with us in a forum as an example of what's out there... (I believe this one is now archived)

The picture above scares me much more than a micro placed under the skirt of a lamp post. (not saying that a micro attached under a LPC's skirt is a smart choice, by any means) but this one is much more serious.

This cache is located INSIDE the lamp post.

This is an example of one of the worst, most dangerous types of geocaches that a person could ever hide.

All a person needs to do to receive a severe electrical shock is reach inside the post and contact energized bare lugs and/or the energized wire.

This is an accident waiting to happen.

Not all people know that a large amount of the time the wires in these posts are live, even in the daylight hours. A photo-cell, located on the top of a lamp post is normally what turns the light on and off.
The caps that protect the energized lugs are not always on all the way leaving energized lugs/wires at the opening exposed. Some lugs are attached to the inside wall of the post without any fixed insulation.

If any of you ever come across a cache like the one above please contact a Geocache.com reviewer ASAP to report this imminent danger and to have it archived.
Also, please contact your local power utility company about the issue so they can tighten the cover on properly.

This is not what geocaching is all about.